Busy? Me? Nooooo

What’s the definition of busy? As an adjective it’s having a great deal to do. So I suppose you could say I was busy this weekend…

I mean a quick rowing race (where we sat on the water for 3 hours before we even raced:)) then quickly off home, only to hack to a friends for a jumping lesson. Then I jumped two ponies round the same class the next day, turned them out, picked up the next and went home to homework. Not busy in the slightest!

But it’s weird, because that doesn’t sound that much to do now, but it seemed like it! Even weirder though, is how what I would call busy is a walk in the park for some people, and vice versa.

I have a friend, who rows and then plays netball or just plays netball  almost every single day. And I can’t help wondering what it was like, back in the days before technology when life was so much simpler, and being busy meant something else.

Because we have all these amazing technologies designed to make our lives that much easier, to make things quicker, but we seem to end up doing more instead!

“Our grandchildren”, reckoned John Maynard Keynes in 1930, would work around “three hours a day”—and probably only by choice”

This is from an article in The Economist that talks about us having more leisure time, but not seeing it that way. Which prompted me to think about the quote:

“If you want something done, ask a busy person. The more things you do, the more you can do” – Lucille Ball

And I think that just sums up society now. There is an even bigger gap between the hard workers and the scroungers these days. Maybe this is why. Because we’ve adopted this attitude, along with the ‘If you want something done, do it yourself’. Maybe we need a system to give the busy a rest, to make their leisure time count.

But in reality, we’ll just fill it with something else to do. That’s exactly what I’ve done.

I reckon I have a week before I’m busy again, I wonder what that’ll be filled with…



Dear Anorexia

Dear Anorexia,

Please sod off. You’re not welcome here. What gives you the right to destroy lives? I’m not going to sit and watch as you destroy another life without saying my piece.

Firstly, I’d like to say I understand that you’ve been set-up by Society, but may I just tell you that Society is corrupt and though you may think you’re achieving a great thing by striving for ‘perfection’, you’re really just an instrument in Society’s power-struggle. I appreciate your efforts to combat Obesity, who is agreeably very damaging to Society, and her good friend Humanity, but you are merely increasing the opportunity for Self-Harm, and we know we cannot afford that. Continue reading “Dear Anorexia”


Today I think I began to comprehend the true importance of goals, of having something to work towards, of inspiration.

I’m a cox, so in my squad this means I’m a bit of an in-between to the coach and my squad. And one of the struggles recently has been a lack of aspiration. The girls were asked to set themselves goals for rowing, which mostly they did. Only problem was, the goal was to get to a point in the squad, but not to achieve anything with that, not to medal, not to qualify for a certain race. So what happens when there are eight girls who’ve achieved their goal, and only one wants more from it?

Rowing isn’t an easy sport, and it is pretty tough to get through winter training, through ergos where you have to push yourself to the point of throwing up, through the physical and emotional torture (before you wonder what kind of sport is it, it is rewarding), and anyone who can without goals is inhuman. When you are at the point of giving up, you need a reason to continue.

And we solved this struggle the other day, as a squad. But only today did I set myself any specific goals. When I’m wondering whether to quit, whether the sacrifices are worth it, I hope I have the answer now. Because I want to get to Worlds. My coach says it’s feasible, so the first step is to believe him.

Because that’s another thing about goals, they can make you or brake you. Confidence is pretty low in my generation, and having a goal is giving me that little bit more confidence to push myself and take the risk. But it doesn’t always work. So if it goes wrong, you have to keep sight of that goal and try again. And that is so hard.

Even if your goal is just to make it out of bed every day, I applaud you. Goals give back that little spark you lose when you lose a loved one. The goal to just get out of bed in the morning is the only reason I’m here now.

I’ve lost two grandparents, and although I will never get over them, that goal kept me going when I didn’t know what to do. See where that’s gotten me? I now have a goal to compete at an international event. Maybe I’ll never achieve that, but I can try.

Never give up on your goals, because one day you’ll look back and be glad.



oh I do love a good list

oh I love a good list! I’m a disorganised, messy person, who loves tidiness and finds disorganisation distressing. Aren’t I one big contradiction? Lists are the perfect way to fit my lifestyle, to try and organise  my mess and I’d almost say they’re therapeutic. Here’s why:

  1. They’re so easy to do- I can make a list on the bus home
  2. They’re good reminders- I always forget what I need to do, and listing them helps to set out a plan and make sure I don’t forget to do things!
  3. They help me stay organised- I can prioritise what I need to do, and when
  4. Time- It takes 30 seconds to make a list, and it saves me much more time! There isn’t much time in my family, too much to do, so keeping a list makes it easy to evaluate how much time I have for other activities
  5. Clear and concise- you can either read just the individual headings, or all their little blurbs, and it makes reading so much clearer when you know exactly what it’s about
  6. They’re organised!

Now these aren’t the only reasons, but I must dash, sorry it’s so short but it’s hectic this week!


dedication, motivation and determination.

as a tiny one, I was always told

‘There’s no such word as can’t’ – Grandpa Hughes

When we lost Grandpa, a few years ago now, they had this engraved on a plaque, which they stuck on the wall above his bench at the local RDA charity. Pretty cool guy huh? His motto was put up to help all the disabled children when he wasn’t there.

This man, his life and his motto help me through life every single day. Now life isn’t simple on my end of the stick, but it’s a lucky one and I’m so grateful but I digress, but this motto gets me through every single hardship there is. Accompanied with ‘If you don’t have time, make time’ and I’m sorted. This is me now

I resolved years ago to let my Grandpa’s mottos become mine, because I wouldn’t be who I am without them. Every time I feel like giving up, I tell myself ‘There’s no such word as can’t’ and on I go again.

My Grandpa had an iron will, if he put his mind to it, he did it. No ifs, no buts. It would be done. And I try to do that too, be a bit like him. You don’t want to trifle with us Hughesies, we are those of the iron wills, but that’s a story for another day.

What I’m trying to say, is that to me, determination, dedication and motivation are so important in life ( and that’s why). I mean without them, nobody would get anywhere really.

Today, I got up at six o’clock (not early but…) in some pretty miserable whether (was it snowing? No. Was it raining? No. What was it doing? Somewhere between the two…) and put on 9 layers of clothing to go rowing in the minus degrees. Rowing isn’t an easy sport, nor is riding, and it’s not something for the faint hearted either. Or the squeamish… But the dedication shown by my crew is top notch. And I don’t mean to blow my own recorder (because I don’t have a trumpet) I’d like to say mine is too.

Now how I could do this without motivation, determination and dedication I don’t know. But I don’t need to, because as long as I remember my Grandpa, I’ll have all three. And that’ll be forever.

this one’s for you Grandpa x


being small

hey lads!

I feel like I should explain why my blog’s called beingsmall, and hopefully you guys will know a bit more about me then.

Firstly, and most importantly, it’s because I’m really short. Like, REALLY short. Apparently (because I don’t think I’m THAT short). I may be small, but I make good use of it (I’m a cox, find out more about coxes here).

Secondly, it’s because I’m skinny. Like, REALLY skinny.

And then thirdly, although this isn’t really a reason, it’s more of a conclusion, it just sort of sums it up: my rowing coach said to me the other day (as I lay in curled up on the floor) ‘You’re really small. Like, REALLY small’. You didn’t think I’d noticed?!

But it’s not all bad being exceptionally short and skinny as apparently small people live longer! How true this I don’t know, but it’s the thought that counts. I mean here’s a list of 27 reasons small is cool (hey it rhymed!) and here are a few she missed:

  1. You’re easily portable! Because your legs are only little so you get tired more easily, and people carry you around instead. (really I’m just too lazy… shhh)
  2. HAND-ME DOWNS! Now not everyone loves them, but when they come from shops you usually can’t afford, are in really good condition and are really stylish then YES YES YES
  3. People give you more food because you ‘need to grow more’, food? yes please!

(And here’s some more)

But it’s not all perks though. I mean kids clothes can be great and all, but as most seem to be covered in Frozen cartoons etc. and I’m wayyyy to old to get away with it, well then what? Nobody else has much small enough for me! Here’s another 1list  of reasons being small is not cool:

  1. Kids clothes, no I just want to be an adult!
  2. Shopping, it’s a nightmare! By the time you’ve established shops that you can afford, and then narrowed it done to ones with clothes that fit, and then found the clothes that suit you, well you have about 5 options left…
  3. High up things are nightmare, I can’t even reach the cupboards in my own home let alone supermarket shelves!
  4. People misunderstand you, A LOT! No I am not a pushover because I’m vertically challenged so I can’t fight you, no I don’t only buy from kids sections, no my house isn’t modified.
  5. DO NOT USE ME AS AN ARM REST! I will fight you if you lay your arm on me one more time, no it’s not funny or original!
  6. Yes I eat the same amount as you ‘normal’ folks.

There are more but you get the gist… We have whole books and websites dedicated to ‘coping with being small’, and there’s a song too! But I never understood why? I mean is life low to the ground that different?

There is so much wrong with being skinny that it deserves a whole other post in honour…

Well sorry for the slightly ranty one, but I’m off so night!




So as I mentioned in a previous post, I own (merely meaning I look after him, otherwise it seems we play by his rules…) a Miniature Shetland  called Hustle. He’s a cheeky guy, a little dark bay roan colt, and he’s only six months old (at the time of this post). I’ll refer to him as little man or little fluff sometimes, so that’s who I mean, because he is so small (I’m known as a midget and he makes me look so tall!) and so fluffy (I could knit a whole duplicate of him if I had the attention span for knitting)

Anyway, I’ll get a photo of him uploaded asap for you guys

welcome to the madness little fluff

Pretty cool way to start the year:

Spent the morning doing boring bits and pieces like cleaning the kitchen, but then this afternoon…


Well world, meet the little fluff: Hustle! He’s a miniature Shetland colt, and he’s only six months old. Aww bless him, he’s SO fluffy! I have never met anything so fluffy, not even an owlet! He even makes me, my tiny little self, look like a giant!

We have big plans, this little guy and I.

I got him as a Christmas present (thank you Santa) from the lovely Polsue Manor Miniatures

Apparently he’s very cheeky so training him will be fun… Welcome to the mad house little fluff!


Anyway, it’s been three days now, and so far we have had a few melt-downs (he’s only a baby just got a bit overwhelmed) and discovered he has an appetite! So here comes the little Shetland attitude… and the stallion attitude too!

He learnt how to rear and walk on his hind legs a surprisingly long way, not sure that that’s entirely a good thing though… But we know if he kicks it doesn’t hurt too much! There’s just a nice little hoof print on my knee, sweet. It was an accident (I hope)

Bless, I made him sound like a monster but he’s not. He’s really sweet and did I mention how fluffy he is? Love my little man

Anyways I best be off, school tomorrow ewwwww.




So this is my blog! I thought it would be interesting to write and a good way to document my year. So here it is…

I’m Minna, and the family and I have a lot of pets (currently standing at approximately 45?) It’s the start of 2016, and the start of my blog. Bring it on! We have a new arrival today, and they’re very cheeky… Be prepared guys, the chaos is coming!