being small

hey lads!

I feel like I should explain why my blog’s called beingsmall, and hopefully you guys will know a bit more about me then.

Firstly, and most importantly, it’s because I’m really short. Like, REALLY short. Apparently (because I don’t think I’m THAT short). I may be small, but I make good use of it (I’m a cox, find out more about coxes here).

Secondly, it’s because I’m skinny. Like, REALLY skinny.

And then thirdly, although this isn’t really a reason, it’s more of a conclusion, it just sort of sums it up: my rowing coach said to me the other day (as I lay in curled up on the floor) ‘You’re really small. Like, REALLY small’. You didn’t think I’d noticed?!

But it’s not all bad being exceptionally short and skinny as apparently small people live longer! How true this I don’t know, but it’s the thought that counts. I mean here’s a list of 27 reasons small is cool (hey it rhymed!) and here are a few she missed:

  1. You’re easily portable! Because your legs are only little so you get tired more easily, and people carry you around instead. (really I’m just too lazy… shhh)
  2. HAND-ME DOWNS! Now not everyone loves them, but when they come from shops you usually can’t afford, are in really good condition and are really stylish then YES YES YES
  3. People give you more food because you ‘need to grow more’, food? yes please!

(And here’s some more)

But it’s not all perks though. I mean kids clothes can be great and all, but as most seem to be covered in Frozen cartoons etc. and I’m wayyyy to old to get away with it, well then what? Nobody else has much small enough for me! Here’s another 1list  of reasons being small is not cool:

  1. Kids clothes, no I just want to be an adult!
  2. Shopping, it’s a nightmare! By the time you’ve established shops that you can afford, and then narrowed it done to ones with clothes that fit, and then found the clothes that suit you, well you have about 5 options left…
  3. High up things are nightmare, I can’t even reach the cupboards in my own home let alone supermarket shelves!
  4. People misunderstand you, A LOT! No I am not a pushover because I’m vertically challenged so I can’t fight you, no I don’t only buy from kids sections, no my house isn’t modified.
  5. DO NOT USE ME AS AN ARM REST! I will fight you if you lay your arm on me one more time, no it’s not funny or original!
  6. Yes I eat the same amount as you ‘normal’ folks.

There are more but you get the gist… We have whole books and websites dedicated to ‘coping with being small’, and there’s a song too! But I never understood why? I mean is life low to the ground that different?

There is so much wrong with being skinny that it deserves a whole other post in honour…

Well sorry for the slightly ranty one, but I’m off so night!




welcome to the madness little fluff

Pretty cool way to start the year:

Spent the morning doing boring bits and pieces like cleaning the kitchen, but then this afternoon…


Well world, meet the little fluff: Hustle! He’s a miniature Shetland colt, and he’s only six months old. Aww bless him, he’s SO fluffy! I have never met anything so fluffy, not even an owlet! He even makes me, my tiny little self, look like a giant!

We have big plans, this little guy and I.

I got him as a Christmas present (thank you Santa) from the lovely Polsue Manor Miniatures

Apparently he’s very cheeky so training him will be fun… Welcome to the mad house little fluff!


Anyway, it’s been three days now, and so far we have had a few melt-downs (he’s only a baby just got a bit overwhelmed) and discovered he has an appetite! So here comes the little Shetland attitude… and the stallion attitude too!

He learnt how to rear and walk on his hind legs a surprisingly long way, not sure that that’s entirely a good thing though… But we know if he kicks it doesn’t hurt too much! There’s just a nice little hoof print on my knee, sweet. It was an accident (I hope)

Bless, I made him sound like a monster but he’s not. He’s really sweet and did I mention how fluffy he is? Love my little man

Anyways I best be off, school tomorrow ewwwww.