oh I do love a good list

oh I love a good list! I’m a disorganised, messy person, who loves tidiness and finds disorganisation distressing. Aren’t I one big contradiction? Lists are the perfect way to fit my lifestyle, to try and organise  my mess and I’d almost say they’re therapeutic. Here’s why:

  1. They’re so easy to do- I can make a list on the bus home
  2. They’re good reminders- I always forget what I need to do, and listing them helps to set out a plan and make sure I don’t forget to do things!
  3. They help me stay organised- I can prioritise what I need to do, and when
  4. Time- It takes 30 seconds to make a list, and it saves me much more time! There isn’t much time in my family, too much to do, so keeping a list makes it easy to evaluate how much time I have for other activities
  5. Clear and concise- you can either read just the individual headings, or all their little blurbs, and it makes reading so much clearer when you know exactly what it’s about
  6. They’re organised!

Now these aren’t the only reasons, but I must dash, sorry it’s so short but it’s hectic this week!